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New Members Auditions

At Bromley Players, we are always on the lookout for

talented singers, actors and dancers to join us on stage.


All new members must pass both a singing and movement audition for the society before they can audition for a part in one of our shows. 

Why do we audition new members?

  • Everyone has to audition and pay a membership. It wouldn’t be fair to let everyone join, pay a membership but not be successful in auditioning for our shows.

  • We want to to get to know our new members. 

What are we looking for?

  • We a looking for a range of talents. We recognise people may be strong dancers but less confident at singing or great singers but not so confident dancing.

  • For the movement audition we are looking to see how well you can pick up choreography, execute dance moves and perform to an audience.

  • For the singing audition, we are looking to understand your vocal technique as well as how you interpret and perform a song.

When do new members’ auditions take place?

  • New members auditions normally take place 2-3 weeks after our last show, ahead of auditions for our next show.

  • You will need to pass a new members audition to be able to audition for a show.

What will happen on the night?

  • You will need to do both a singing and dance/movement audition in front of a panel of committee members.

​​Dance/movement auditions:

  • You will be asked to perform a preset dance routine in a group, along with other auditionees.

  • The routine is available to watch and practice ahead of your audition (videos below). We will also teach it to you on the night of the audition.

  • Top tip: Take time to look at the video ahead of the audition so you are familiar with the routine and can put your best foot forward.

  • Top tip: As important as the doing the moves is the performance; remember to smile, look at the audience and bring some character to your movement.


Singing auditions

  • You will be asked to sing a verse and chorus of a musical theatre song of your choice, to a backing track.

  • You will need to provide the backing track; we will have a Bluetooth speaker you can connect your device to for playback.

  • Top tip: Choose a song that best shows off your voice and vocal ability, but keep things simple - consider that you may get a little nervous.

  • Top tip: Make sure your backing track is easy to follow so you can easily hear when you come in and so that you can hear the rhythm to enable you to keep in time. 

How do you apply to audition?

  • Click on the link to fill out an audition form and a member of the committee will be in touch to confirm an audition date and time.

We couldn't put

our shows on without

a hard-working backstage team, so we're also keen to hear from those who can work as crew, as dressers, help us with props, or front of house as ushers.

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