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New Members Auditions

We're always on the lookout for

talented singers, actors and dancers (plus a myriad of backstage roles).

All new members must undertake an audition

for the company before they can audition for a part in one of our shows.

New members auditions normally take place in during the preliminary meetings of

a show. Here you can talk to the creative team and members of the committee.


Don't worry, we've all had to audition to join the society and we really want you to succeed!

A new members audition involves:

A movement audition - we will give you a very simple routine, performed

with a member of the committee dancing in front of you to follow.

A singing audition - we ask that you chose a section from a piece (generally from a musical) that you are comfortable with. You may use our accompanist, a backing track or perform acapella.

Feel free to drop us a line if you want more information or have any questions.

We couldn't put our shows on without a hard-working backstage team, so we're also keen to hear from those who can work as crew, as dressers, help us with props, or front of house as ushers.

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